Country Music: Just trucks, girls and beer

Country music is probably one of my most loathed genres of music. I feel that it has evolved into a monstrous giant of bullshit.

As someone who loves classic country like Willie Nelson, Hank Williams Sr. and Johnny Cash, I find that their music didn’t evolve into something better.  It seems to have evolved into mindless nonsense that no longer represents the South, but represents three things; beer, girls, and trucks. 

Those three things aren’t bad things to be talked about, but it’s sad when you hear them in every single country song. I know I am biased when I say these words, but maybe if we all listen and compare we could see the difference between what once was and what is.

Zac Brown, of the Zac Brown Band, referred to Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kind Of Night.” as, “The worst song I’ve ever heard.”  For some reason that stuck with me and felt it prudent to give it a listen. I also thought that others could join me in the celebration of this song.


Wouldn’t you know it, in the first verse of the song, a girl, a truck and a beer have already been mentioned.  I hate to stereotype at all, but this is hilarious how spot on it was.  As soon as he speaks, I’ve already said the words “Jesus fucking Christ.”

I can’t hate on Luke Bryan personally for this.  First off, he had no part in writing the song, only performing it. The song also sold over two million copies in the U.S. Bryan was also the first male country artist to simultaneously top Billboard’s Hot Country Songs and Top Country Albums charts.

Maybe it’s the party bug that has everyone in love with this song or maybe many people find it artistically satisfying, but whatever it is, it has people hooked.

Now I want to take the time to look at an older country song to compare and so others can at least see some sort of difference.

The man I chose was Willie Nelson.  I could go on for days talking about how simply fucking awesome this dude is, but I will refrain.  Let’s just say he is way more than a musician to me.

The song I’ve chosen is “Always on My Mind.”  It’s a song that Nelson did not write either, but was asked to do a version of, which is simply amazing.

 As soon as he starts singing I’ve already got chills. Someone who can do that is special and that is something that is hard to find nowadays.

The song also sold over two million copies in the U.S. and also won numerous awards including three Grammy’s, however, that’s not why I want to talk about it.

I would like to talk about this song for what it says.  It is talking about something real, which is love. Pure and genuine love.  If more country was like this then maybe I would give it a chance.

For that matter, if any new music played on the radio could move me like this song, (then) I would definitely give it a chance, however that is not the case.  Instead of hearing something that takes me somewhere, I hear nothing.  Hence the music that makes me deaf.

One day I may be able to give someone like Luke Bryan a chance, but only if he can move me like an artist as legendary as Willie Nelson.

Until then, I will keep shitting on him for shaking his ass on stage.  




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