Theater Dept. succeeds with Fuddy Meers

Castleton Theater Department put on a hilarious and well executed performance of Fuddy Meers Sept. 22-25.

The Castleton theater department has done it again.

The recent production of “Fuddy Meers,” written by David Lindsay-Abaire, was inspired and the humorous script was beautifully portrayed by the small cast.

With only seven people gracing us with their presence on stage, this play was different from any other I have been to. The mysterious plotline left everyone in the audience engaged the entire time.

Every actor or actress in this play did an exceptional job. Erica James played Claire, the main character. Claire suffers from some type of amnesia, and woke up every day without any memory of her life.

The timeline of the play happens over the course of one day, before Claire goes to sleep and forgets everything again.

Much of the plot was left a mystery for most of the play, which I believe was designed to allow the audience to identify with Claire more easily.

While this production was wonderfully directed by Harry McEnerny and brilliantly cast, the performer who rose to the top was Katy Albert for her role as “Gertie”.

This character had recently suffered a stroke and could not speak properly. Every word she spoke was gibberish, and yet somehow, Albert managed to make me care about her character. I knew what she was trying to get across. That is the mark of a true actress.

She didn’t even need real words.

This is also where the name of the play came from. Fuddy Meers is Gertie trying to explain to Claire about the “funny mirrors” at a town fair.

Perhaps the most enamoring thing about the entire night was the humor. Vincent Tatro’s character, Kenny, was downright hilarious. He played a dyslexic, rebellious teenager with a tendency to smoke a little weed. His snarky comments and quirky demeanor made the show.

Now it’s time to talk about Dalton Jesse-Cummins’ character, Philip. Philip is a man who was deaf in one ear, blind in one eye, had a limp and a lisp. That’s a lot of ailments to keep track of.

He did it perfectly.

Let’s also throw some credit to Sorelle O’Loughlin, who was in charge of the SFX makeup. She not only managed to make Philip look as though grease had actually been poured onto his ear, but she also made it look disgusting enough for me to see it from the back row.

The only criticism I have is that this was a live production, so I can’t watch it whenever I want to.


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