Local products on Main St.

There’s a hidden gem in the town of Castleton every Thursday that many students might not know about. Starting in the early summer and ending in the early fall, from 3:30-6 p.m., there is a farmer’s market in the beautiful Castleton Village.

Local venders gather and set up tents to sell their homemade and handmade products. You can find things like fried dough, fresh meat and produce, tie dyed clothing, homemade jelly, jewelry, and often their goods are served up with live music.

“It’s nice to know where your food is coming from and that the people selling it are the same ones who grow it or make it,” said Castleton University senior Abigail Hackman.

Many of the venders make it a family affair every week, which gives the market a small town friendly vibe.

“When you go there, everyone’s really nice and you see two or three generations working together which is really cool,” Hackman said.

Local honey maker Charlie Derouchie is in his first year as a vender at the market and said he loves the great atmosphere.

“Everyone helps each other out and is really friendly. I usually bring my granddaughter here and she loves running around to the different venders,” he said.

The eight-year tradition lives on and grows as more and more venders become part of it. Lori Barker, manager of the market since it started, sets up each week to sell her homemade variety of pickled goods, jellies, and breads.

“I learned to make pickles as a kid with my grandmother and have been doing it ever since,” Barker said.

A frequent vender at both the Rutland and Rochester markets, Barker notices a rise in sales as at the Castleton market when school gets back in session.

“College kids come in looking for snacks for their dorm rooms,” she said.

Located on Main Street in the parking lot next to the Citizens Bank, the market is just a few hundred yards from the college campus.

“It’s nice having such great local food, walking distance from my house,” said student and Main street resident Nate Lumsden.

            Attendees say the weekly farmers market brings some much needed daytime life to the town – and some tasty stuff to eat.

“It doesn’t matter which table you go up to, you will find great food and friendly people selling it,” Lumsden said.


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