Pizza Place and Deli to renovate, add new bar

Tori Fischer / Spartan contributor

Renovations are underway to transform Castleton Pizza Place and Deli into more of a
pub, with a new bar.

You’ve just had a hectic day filled with dragged-on classes and you’re bombarded with assignments. You want to kick back and enjoy a few beers to take the edge off without making much of a trip.

Soon, you’ll be able to head to the Castleton Pizza Place and Deli and Blue Cat Bistro for that bar setting. Renovations are underway to transform the pizza side into more of a pub setting.

Manager Wenger Rehlen said he hopes to make the business more of a social spot than a restaurant.

“Let’s say you want to get together with a bunch of people and have a birthday party, or a get together for drinks. I think we need a common ground downtown, so I want people to think ‘we’re going to get together, let’s go down there to watch the game.’ Also we want to build and grow the business, and try to mend whatever perceived weaknesses we have,” Rehlen said.

Rehlen also mentioned other improvements that will come with the renovation.

“There will be an open air kind of pub arrangement that we’re going to do; we’re going to keep some outdoor seating for the summertime. We have the deck off the Blue Cat, and we’re going to expand the menu with a smoothie bar, make a larger bar, add the seating to the Blue Cat and pizzeria and just kind of renovate and modernize the space,” Rehlen said.

Rehlen said he feels eating trends are changing and the renovations are an attempt to cater tot hat.

“It’s becoming increasingly more casual. A lot of people like a bar. Couples will come to the Blue Cat, and we see a lot of people gravitate toward the bar for more casual dining. So that’s why we’re focusing on building that as well,” Rehlen said.

Castleton students are excited about the changes.

“I think it’s a good idea to expand because it’s the only pizza restaurant in town. I know a lot of people like their pizza. With the new expansion, more people would be more apt to sit down and enjoy the meal instead of take out,” said senior Turner Ede.

Sophomore Megan Folsom has similar thoughts.

“I think that the restaurant expanding will attract more students and locals. I already enjoy the food, but I think changing the atmosphere will add to a better experience,” Folsom said.

Junior Jessica Chase, an employee of Blue Cat Bistro, shared her excitement on the expansion.

“We’re all really excited to see what it’s going to look like when it’s done.  I don’t know what they’re going to do with waitresses, whether they’re going to add a third one to the shift or not. I also don’t know how many tables we’re going to have after they expand, but I’m excited to see what the new bar will look like,” Chase said.

Chase also mentioned how she thinks renovating will benefit the company.

“I think it’ll be good for the company and will attract more customers. I feel not a lot of Castleton students know about Blue Cat. I think it will show more of the Blue Cat side, so we’ll have more business in both sections,” Chase said.

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