Two days, one night

The Belgian film Two Days, One Night is a neo anti-capitalism film that shows the ugly side of capitalism. But what made this film wonderful was that it showed how depression truly affects someone and that there are still good people in the world.

Of course there are still good people in this world, but they seem to be a rare thing these days. The film has our lead, Sandra, going to her coworkers in hopes that she can convince them to revote on taking a 1,000 Euros raise that would cause Sandra to be fired, or she can keep her job and no one gets a raise.

As Sandra travels to her coworkers, we see a mix of emotions among them. For instance, a father and son argue about their sides of voting to the point that the son assaults his father and drives off. But we also see those who can’t afford to lose the raise, voting in favor of Sandra because it is the right thing to do.

As the votes seem to be less in her favor, Sandra’s depression starts to tighten its hold. She starts to lose hope, all she wants to do is give up and sleep her problems away. Sandra even begins to snap at her family and friends.

But the scene that shows just how desperate she is for a solution is when she takes an entire box of Xanax. As she is about to take her final sleep, a coworker comes over and tells her that she will vote in favor of Sandra. She then nonchalantly tells about her Xanax incident and they calmly take her to the hospital. It was a little too calm.

What I liked the most about this film is that it shows us that when you’re depressed, it’s nearly impossible to find a bright side. It reminded me of how I felt before I was treated. You just want to hide away and hope that the next time you go out into the world, things will be better.

However, it is the compassion of her coworkers and family that show Sandra a bright side and give her hope. A hope so strong that when she does lose her job at the end of the film, she isn’t sad, but feels victorious for not only facing her problems but knowing that here future can be bright. 

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