It’s all about the Madness in March

I’ve never been more excited for March Madness and I think it’s because I’m clueless.  And so are you.  I can’t remember an NCAA Tournament that was more wide open than 2016 and it will undoubtedly have me glued to my Vizio for the next three weeks.

I’m typically not someone who gets caught up in brackets and pools.  I’m no Mike Golic with my “sheet of integrity” nor am I the kid you went to high school with who suddenly takes on the whole Dick Vitale persona.  The brackets are fun, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself to predict the insanity that takes place in March.

And with no further adieu, I try to predict the insanity that takes place in March.

So let’s take a look at the one seeds.

Kansas has losses early in the season that aren’t flattering.  Oklahoma State by nearly twenty is glaring and that can give a desperate team hope in the tournament. Yet with all that trouble early, they haven’t lost in a month and a half.

 I like the way Miami has looked so far and Angel Rodriguez reminds me of the way Shabazz Napier played when he led UCONN to the championship a few years back.  Villanova can be a threat but I think Kansas has far superior athletes.

And now, coming out of the west, we give you… Oregon.  Yeah you heard that right, we’re not talking football.  This might be the most deflating one seed in my existence.  I feel my inner Stephen A. Smith creeping up and I think it’s justified.  This squad lost to teams like Nevada and Boise State.  

Oklahoma passes the “eye test” for me and they have the star power in their loaded backcourt of Buddy Hield and Isaiah Cousins.  I’m not ready to write Oregon off yet, but I think that says more about the uncertainty of the field than a compliment to the Ducks.

Man, does it feel good to have Carolina back at a one seed or what?  Maybe that’s because I’m a lifelong member of Tar Heel Nation, or possibly there really is some truth in that.  

Kansas, Carolina and a tough Virginia team make this look a little like the early 2000s. My unbiased opinion of the Tar Heels is that they will be tough to be upset because they have such a consistent presence inside.  That being said, I don’t think they are great and there are potentially better teams in that bracket.  Kentucky falling to Indiana will help the Tar Heels and makes the road to Houston a bit easier.

Virginia probably has the easiest path. Michigan State getting stunned by 15 seed Middle Tennessee should make the path to the final four a breeze. Please note “should” being the key word.   I really don’t think Iowa State has shown that they have it in them and Utah getting pounded by Gonzaga helps Tony Bennett and his club.

And now back to reality.

March Madness is the best time of the year in all of sports because of the lunacy that takes place every single day.  Every moment is unpredictable and the stories are tear jerking.  

Don’t be afraid to jump out of your seat for the underdog even if it means your bracket is officially busted.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the Madness.

Casey McGraw


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