D-III week arrives

Expect Castleton University’s campus to be even more lively than usual from April 4-8, as Castleton joins the entire nation in celebrating D-III Week.  The weeklong festivity will serve as a reward to Castleton’s nearly 500 student athletes, but also spread awareness as to what Division III athletics is all about.

“The NCAA has set aside one week a year for all Division III institutions to celebrate what student athletes do,” men’s soccer head Coach John O’Connor said. “It’s a chance for everyone to do something across the country, but what you do is up to each campus.”

“It’s basically a week that focuses on what Division III stands for,” Student Athlete Advisory Committee President Ariel Mroz-Brewer said. “We’re going to put our own spin on it and turn it into a Spirit Week.”

SAAC representatives will speak at the faculty assembly on April 5 to both thank them for their support and also try to help them understand exactly what a Division III athlete endures.

“I don’t know if people fully understand the schedules that student athletes go through.  I would think more so than not, people think it’s like high school and they don’t understand the extent of it,” O’Connor said.

SAAC has teamed up with the Athletics Communication Department to bring the event to Castleton in a fun, interactive manner.  

“Ben Stockwell will tweet a D-III fact of the day as well as Instagram a historical photo of the day that covers all Division III sports, not just at Castleton,” Mroz-Brewer said.

There will be a trivia table with giveaways such as t-shirts and other gifts for students and faculty who can answer some of their fun and challenging questions.  The table will hold a sheet of questions and if you get one right, you win a prize and that question is then checked off the list.

D-III Week will also have a “Spirit Day” where all student athletes are asked to wear their team gear to show support and raise awareness as to exactly how many student athletes are really on our small campus.

 “SAAC also hopes to travel to Rutland and Fair Haven Union High School to talk about what it’s like to be a student athlete and not just an athlete,” Mroz-Brewer said.

“The idea is to try to get out and connect with the community and tell them what we do,” O’Connor said.  

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