Getting to know Taylor Steadman

Ashley Callan / Castleton Spartan

Taylor Steadman, a 21-year-old forward on the women’s hockey team, is studying to earn a bachelors degree in mathematics with a directed study toward engineering. The senior from Hartford, Vermont has two siblings, an older brother, Cody, and a younger sister, Morgan. Her team-leading 21 points, including 15 goals, helped Castleton women’s hockey climb into the national rankings. Steadman transferred to Castleton halfway through her sophomore season from Elmira and has played a key role in the Spartan offense. But who is Taylor Steadman behind the cage?

Q. Which do you prefer; cats or dogs?

A. Dogs! I have two Australian shepherds and a bulldog. The Aussies are super smart. The bulldog isn’t too smart, but he’s very cute and he sleeps with his tongue out.

Q. What’s your favorite goal celebration?

A. I don’t have a favorite celebration. I just go with whatever I’m feeling at the moment, but then I look for my teammates to hug. Then we go down the bench and the team sticks out their hands for high fives.

Q. As a kid, did you ever model your game after anyone else’s?

A. No, I never really thought of it. I just always played for fun. As a kid, I played hockey with my siblings and I would always try and beat my older brother.

Q. What kind of music do you listen to pre-game?

A. We have a nice stereo system in the locker room and different people DJ on it so I listen to that. I also watch a few motivational videos before I get to the rink.

Q. Who’s the best DJ?

A. Everyone is good and I couldn’t pick, but I have been getting a lot of my music from Ashley Pelkey.

Q. What’s your favorite pregame meal?

A. I always have protein pasta the night before games.

Q. How long have you been playing hockey?

A. I started playing as soon as I could walk. My dad put me on skates then. Hockey is big in my family.

Q. Who is your favorite NHL team?

A. I love the Bruins. I grew up going to the games with my family. We currently aren’t the best team in the NHL, but growing up being able to watch the games live was a pretty cool experience. Bruins fans are one of a kind.

Reporter’s note: Surprisingly Steadman’s least favorite player in the NHL plays for the Bruins, Zdeno Chara.

“I just think a lot of break downs are caused because of him,” she said.

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