Deadpool: A movie to die for

We live in a really cool time for cinema. We have all these different movies, both big budget and independent. But the most popular, and some of the coolest, are comic book movies. Most are similar, but “Deadpool” stands out from the crowd.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Marvel character, Deadpool is an anti-hero who has a raunchy sense of humor, healing powers like Wolverine, cancer all over his body that he can’t cure, and he’s crazy. Oh-he also likes to break the fourth wall at the best times.

Unlike the combination of iterations in his first appearance in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” Deadpool in his self-titled movie is what all fans wanted to see: A mercenary with a mouth who gives no shits.

From the very beginning of the movie, we see classic Deadpool humor, like replacing all the open credit names with things like “British Villain” and “Obligatory Cameo.” From there the film jumps a little back and forth on the timeline of the film, but it works well. I honestly like that it didn’t have a linear timeline. Not every story has to start in the beginning, and it’s always good to go back to where it began.

What was interesting to see was how Wade Wilson became Deadpool. We see a former mercenary turned hired muscle to help those who need it. He finds the love of his life, but when he learns his body is riddled with cancer he takes the only option he has: To be part of a scientific experiment that would heal him and give him powers.

When it backfires and causes more harm than good, Wade becomes Deadpool in order to kill the man who did this to him, Ajax or Francis (his real name). The rest of the film is Deadpool and “friends” trying to not only find Francis, but to rescue Deadpool’s love interest from Francis. Man, Francis is just a bad guy.

Though these things are good, it’s the odd and dirty humor that happens within the dialogue of the story that makes Deadpool, Deadpool. It’s that silly and weird flair that makes this film perfect in my mind. Like when he cuts off his hand to escape from handcuffs and his hand grows back, but it grows back as a baby hand first. That’s just freaking funny.

But I better wrap this up before Deadpool decides to do something crazy and rewrite this. “Deadpool” is a great movie and if you love raunchy humor and action go see it, but not with your parents, or children or any person who you don’t want to know that you’re a weird person. 

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