TBA gives students experience

Jimmy Britt / Castleton Spartan

Crazyhearse preforms in Casella on Friday night.

When you walk into the Casella Theater, the room is dark and silent except for the stage. Colored lights shining on the curtain read “TBA.” As you make your way onto the stage, the voices and music get louder and louder until you enter the experience of Total Backstage Access.

You see musicians setting up their instruments and some of the tech crew working the equipment boards. Lights get tested as a couple of students put the finishing touches on the event by checking the mics.

On Feb. 5 another installment of the small concert, Total Backstage Access, took place and it was entertaining as usual. A medley of acoustic classic rock, alternative-rock and hard core was featured this year. Each year the audience fluxes in size, but that doesn’t discourage the crew or the performers.

Jimmy Britt / Castleton Spartan

Robert Waugneux preforms in TBA event last Friday night.

This year’s lineup featured Robert Wuagneux, Totally Submerged, Alice’s Wonderband, Crazyhearse and Get A Grip. Each of the performers played an awesome set. Chad Voghell of Atomic Pro Audio thought that TBA this year was a success.  

“It was great and you (the readers) should come next year,” said Technical Director MacArthur Stine.

But what makes the event so great is that technical theater students gain more experience and skills.

“I think playing TBA is cool, but what I like is that the theater tech kids get to put on this show and learn how to make an awesome venue. They’re the real rock stars of this event,” said Steve Lattuca, bass player of Get A Grip.  

And Lattuca is right. These students, mentors and assistants work their asses off. For them, the event starts a couple of hours before the show does. They work through it, and at the end of the night, they clean up the stage. They might be in the building until at least 1:30 a.m.

Jimmy Britt / Castleton Spartan

So right now I would like to take a moment and thank Stine, Voghell and all of the students current and past who put on TBA. You are all great people and make one hell of a show.

If you or anyone you know wants to perform at next year’s TBA, contact Stine at Macarthur.stine@castleton.edu


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