Trump a serious candidate

At the beginning of last summer, as talk was starting about who would be running for president, billionaire Donald Trump formally announced his candidacy.

This shocked many people in the world of politics. Many, like Castleton University professor Rich Clark, thought he would come onto the political scene and just fall to the shadows quickly or that this was just for him to gain more publicity

 “I think that when Donald Trump came on the political seen last summer, many in politics thought he would flame out quick, that it was a publicity stunt.  But he has exposed issues, and shown blue-collar support,” Clark said.

In recent months, Trump has shown himself to be a legitimate candidate for the office of the president and has been leading in many of the national polls.  

He is not a politician and has come out as a candidate who will say anything he thinks or believes without fear of any repercussion.  His success may stem from the fact he will say what the American people are too afraid to say, said history professor Mike Austin.

“He is articulating the anger and frustration of the American voters who are upset over the lack of action by congress leading to a paralyzed government,” Austin said.

Some on Castleton’s campus, like Castleton Republican Club President Zach Holzworth, believe Trump is a solid candidate. He is bringing people out to vote who normally would never do so, he said.

“I believe that Donald Trump is a great candidate.  He is one of the go-to candidates if you want to vote against the establishment Republicans,” Holzworth said.

But Holzworth also states that Trump has left a bad taste in the mouth of many Republicans with the way he acts and presents himself.  That leaves many Republicans questioning why the media and the party are giving him the coverage he receives.

Others in the Republican Club such as Zac Hampl, believe he is a strong candidate, but not the person who should be president.

“I believe that Donald Trump is hurting the Republican Party as he is hurting the general election,” Hampl said.

Castleton Republican Club member Quinn O’Reilly thinks Trump may be in over his head, and might not realize the limits the office has.

“I don’t think he understands how little power the president has.  There are things he can and can’t do,” O’Reilly said


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