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Do you want to nail that dream job that you have wanted for years? Well to get it, you need to nail your job interview first and that may be a lot harder than you think.

Thankfully, Castleton University has a workshop on Feb. 11, from 2 to 3 p.m. in the Academic Support Center to make sure you’re prepared.

 This workshop was established to help students learn how to best prepare for interviewing and is being offered for a second semester by Renee Beaupre White, director of Career Services.

 This workshop, she said, is an A to Z guide to the world of interviewing detailing the entire interview process before, during and after.

 “It’s not always the best qualified person who gets the position, but the one who interviews the best,” she said.

 Beaupre White said she is willing to prepare students for job interviews either at the workshop or in her office one on one. Knowing how to prepare and what to expect during an interview is critical, and that includes making a great first impression. She said the average employer gives candidates 30 seconds to four minutes to determine if they’re the best fit for the job. That fact can make the process more nerve racking.

But with proper preparation, nerves can be calmed, she said. Students who have been counseled by Beaupre White urged others to take this opportunity while they can.

Dilan Clements said that training made her more comfortable with the whole process and she got to target the areas she needed help with. Clements says the benefits of going to this workshop is that you get packs with sample questions for interviews and learn what to bring and what to wear.

You also learn how to be less anxious, she said.

 Clements had great success with her interview at the Rutland Regional Medical Center and got a job as a medical scribe. She says that the work she did with Beaupre White helped her through the interview and helped her get the job. She also said that it was Beaupre White who found the job for her and they focused on practicing interviewing for that specific job.

 “More students should take more advantage of this because it can benefit us all and makes for the interview process to be less frightening,” Clements said.

Shelby Alberghini, who also did one-on-one work with Beaupre White, had success with interview, but in a different way. She had to do mock interview for a class and thanks to Beaupre White and the skills learned, she passed with flying colors. She said working with Beaupre White helped her come out of her shell and helped her feel more confident in her interviewing skills. For more information on this workshop, contact Beaupre White at 468-1339 or Email her at renee.beauprewhite@castleton.edu.    

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