Evil Dead: Still undying after all these years

It’s rare to see a cult classic film get a remake or even a TV series, but the “Evil Dead” franchise seems to be an exception. Without Sam Rami’s original film in 1981, the franchise would never have seen so much life.

“The Evil Dead” is about five college students who are spending a weekend in a cabin in the woods. Everything is all going well, but then it all goes to hell when they discover the “Naturom Demonto” This is the book of the dead that releases evil spirits into the woods.

As the film progresses, we see many scenes of bloody violence, psychological torture and other events that give this film a proper NC-17 rating.

The first time I attempted to watch the film, I was 14. The music alone scared me enough to stop watching before anything evil actually started happening. Now that I’m older and more desensitized, I have finally experienced “The Evil Dead.”

 Many people told me that this film is so bad that it’s funny. That is not true. Yes, it’s a little rough around the edges, but it was a film made by a young crew. For many it was their first real film, but they made it great with special effects and sound editing.

The makeup of the “deadites” is perfect. They all have unique scars and markings, but they also all have similar features like milky eyes and purple lines on their faces. Each “deadite” has its own unique voice ranging from a classic deep demonic one, to a satanic little girl’s.

What I really love about the “deadites” is that they will switch from grotesque possessed form back to their normal human bodies. These switches play well with the psychological horror of the film. It causes the hero, Ash, to be conflicted in his actions.

Should he dismember his friends in order to kill the evil inside of them, or does he let it take over and spread like a weed? The moral and survival ideas truly clash inside of Ash as he makes his decision to live.

“The Evil Dead” is the perfect B horror movie that will scare you, but keep you entertained as well. I will say that it is not for the faint of heart, but if you like to see a good old horror movie with tons of blood, this movie is right up your alley. Now where did I put the chainsaw?


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