“American Idiot” coming to FAC

Photo contributed by Meghan Hakey

Students in the upcoming production of "American Idiot" rehearse a scene in the dance studio.

Castleton University continues its efforts to raise the bar as we settle in to our new appellation.

It’s hardly a secret that the arts are seemingly on the verge of extinction, especially in the discipline of dance and theater. Arts are likely to go down in history as the worst educational and creative genocide to date.

To anyone with any inclination toward creativity, culture and dedication, this is a crime against humanity.

The Castleton Theater Department, however, is doing its job in combating societal injustices with its spring production of ‘’American Idiot: The Musical.’’

“American Idiot: The Musical’’ is intended to be a raw collaboration of unsettling emotional experiences, exposing and confronting the audience of their subliminal and voluntary submission, and forfeiture of individualism; practiced and promoted through the media.

The show is scheduled to open on March 17. With a little over two months until production, rehearsals are well underway.

The physical demands of a production this intense require multiple lifestyle adjustments from nearly every participant. With a run time of about an hour and a half, there is seldom a moment without singing and dancing.

The drummer for the band ensemble, professor Phil Lamey, is reportedly running four miles a day just to get in shape for the show.

Castleton’s stage adaptation of Green Day’s iconic 2004 album release will likely shape the future of the department; much like the album’s shaping of like-minded, apprehensive youth of its generation.

The entire production team, including actors and crew of roughly 50 people, are exhausting all their internal and external resources to declare that the disciplines of theater and dance are still here, and still relevant.

The energy of the music behind expressive choreography, coated by personal touches of individualism, drives home the themes ranging from intimate self-destruction to self-actualization – and everything in between.


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