Christmas wishes

This year Castleton University students want a lot of apples for Christmas. Apple TV’s, Apple phones, Apple computers, and some want the new Apple watch.  

Marco Lam / Castleton Spartan

However, chemistry Professor Helen Mango wants something a little tougher to come by.

“In an ideal world, all I want for Christmas is time,” said Mango as she laughed.  

And some, like senior Josh Farmer, aren’t asking for material things.

“Christmas is more than the presents, it is about spending time with your family,” he said.

Many Castleton students said that all they want for Christmas is a fridge filled with beer.

 “Nothing like sitting around the Christmas tree and having some cold ones with your relatives,” senior Derek Gingera said.

Sophomore Trevor Hanna wants a new backpack because last week he lost his with all of his notes for his final exams.

“I don’t know where I left it, so until Christmas I am using a duffle bag as my backpack,” Hanna said.

Hanna also wants some new hockey gear.

“Hopefully I get a hockey stick that has some goals in it. Our team could really use those,” Hanna said.

Some students said all they want for Christmas is gift cards for gas.

“With the grocery stores being so far away, I am spending extra money every couple of weeks just to get food,” said sophomore Timothea Carone.

A few students wanted to be funny with their request. Ruby Bushey replied, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.” Funny, that is usually something a hockey player would ask for. But, she plays softball.

A lot of the female students on campus are asking for clothes. Senior Will Laking also wants a new suit to look dapper in.

“I want a nice silky grey suit,” said Laking with a smile on his face.

Biology teacher Christine Palmer was silently thinking and then yelled, “All I want for Christmas is some cross-country skis for the winter.”

Ken Ward, the janitor in Jeffords, just recently joined a Weight Watchers program.

“For Christmas, all I want is a new scale for my bathroom,” he said.

Diane Spangenburg doesn’t want any gifts for Christmas.

“All I want is peace for the family member’s affected by ISIS,” said Spangenburg with a hopeful look on her face.

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