Half-way through, but missing Vermont

We’ve reached the half-way point everyone! *Insert cheering here.* Just last week was the 45th day of this incredible journey I have embarked on, and since then, I’ve been counting down the days until I can be back in the snowy mountains of Vermont.

Well, that is something that I never thought I would say. It’s crazy how much you miss the tiniest of things about home when you are away for so long. There are the obvious ones like family, pets and holidays, but then there are other things you may not consider – like the water pressure of my shower, driving my car, and the smell of the air at home.

I’ve been feeling especially homesick lately, and maybe that’s just because it’s the holidays and it’s supposed to be a time of family and making memories, or maybe it’s because I am so close to coming home, yet so far away.

I was talking to my dad the other day, like any girl would do when she is feeling sad, and he said “It’s all down hill from here.”

Usually when someone says that, it has a bit of a negative connotation to it, and my dad has never been great with words, but I knew exactly what he meant. I’ve climbed the hardest part of the hill already, the rest is a smooth ride down back into the arms of my family and friends.

It’s so easy to take for granted all of these amazing experiences I’ve had. Sometimes I have to slap myself in the face and remind myself that I am in Spain. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I have been blessed with. Although it hasn’t been the easiest ride, I still consider myself to be the luckiest girl in the world to be able to do what I am doing with the support system I have.

My family is definitely my rock and my parents believe in me more than anyone. Without them, none of this would ever be possible. Every day my parents tell me they are proud of me and, over time, I’m becoming proud of myself. I used to be so shy when it comes to talking to new people and doing new things, but being thrown into this culture has shown me that there is no reason to be afraid. One thing my mom told me when I was younger that has always stuck with me is that God only gives us what he knows we can handle.

I can handle this.


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