Alumna lands job with national television show

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Meagan Walsh, bottom leftm, graduated from Castleton in 2012 with a degree
in communications and is now associate producer of the show All-American Makers

For most students, working a dream job after college is merely a pipe dream, but for Castleton Alumna Maegan Walsh, it’s a reality.

Walsh graduated from Castleton in 2012 with a major in communications and a minor in film. She now works on Science, a television channel affiliated with the Discovery Channel, on a show called All-American Makers.

All-American Makers is a show where amateur inventors and homegrown innovators pitch their products to a panel of four investors in an attempt to get their products developed on a wider scale.

Walsh shared her experience on the show, and how she got to such a successful point in her career.

“I was brought on the show to test and find inventions for the show. I also did some internet research and went on trips to find people who were inventing. I then became the associate producer of the show. It’s awesome; it definitely was a great experience and opportunity. I worked really hard so I was able to get a higher role,” she said.

She explained that she got the experience and skill necessary to carry out into the real world right from the communications department.

“I definitely learned about having a positive attitude and never giving up. I learned producing in my classes with Bob, I learned how to produce and have fun with it, and get things going in this industry. I laugh all day with my team but we know we need to get things done at the same time. I also learned how to research from Castleton, and I’m very tedious, and I learned good organizational skills,” she said.

Professor and the Chair of the Communication Department, Robert Gershon mentioned his enthusiasm for Walsh’s success.

“I think it’s wonderful of course. The discovery channel has always been a favorite of mine. It’s great she’s working for an interesting program. Maegan was always a wonderful person, she deserves to be doing well, and I’m glad she’s doing well,” he said.

He also mentioned how the communications classes can help lead to a successful career path.

“My classes sensitize students to what’s going on in the field, and help them learn their own individual skills. My classes show people how they can fit in within the field,” he said.

Gershon’s classes provided Walsh with the tools necessary to be successful in the field of communications, but there was also a surplus of other communications classes and professors who gave her real world skills too.

“Every professor I’ve had such as David Blow, Robert Gershon, Roy Vestrich, and Robert Wuagneux taught me something in a different way. I couldn’t thank them enough. They helped me succeed and eventually I want to be a show runner someday and I’m working towards that,” said Walsh.

Her feat has given students insight and inspiration on the good that the communications department can have, and how it can guide students to success.

Students from the Intro to Video & Filmmaking class shared their thoughts on Walsh’s journey to achievement.

“I think the fact that a Castleton student went on to work for the discovery channel goes to show what great opportunities this school can bring to its students. I wish to do something that big after I graduate as well,” said Junior Jenna Malarkey

 “I think it’s really cool. It would be a great learning experience, and it gives them a good introduction to what they can be doing for a successful career,” said freshman Jason Sedell.

Walsh’s success has been exciting for the Castleton community and the communication department. Her journey is proof that every student has the potential to succeed, and to make his or her dreams come true.

As Walsh said, “it’s a wild ride but it’s totally worth it.”


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