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Sara Novenstern

Question: How do you feel about the possibility of marijuana being legalized?

Jimmy Britt

“I think it should be legalized, there’s too much bullshit going around with what is beneficial or not. I just think that from what Colorado has been doing it has been very helpful for that state. You know I can see it working with Vermont better especially if a lot of the tax proceeds go into higher education.”

Nate Marden

“You really need to go through all of this hoopla and all this shit, and there are way bigger problems at hand. This country is like billions or trillions of dollars in debt and people are complaining about legalizing marijuana. There are way bigger things, like there are presidential elections coming up that are a way bigger deal than legalizing marijuana. Anyone that wants to smoke can smoke anytime. No, yeah I totally don’t think it should be legalized because it’s just going to be another thing the government can get their hands on.”

Karyn Burns

“Umm I think that it should be legalized cause it helps people when they’re sick and helps people that have cancer, a lot of benefits.”

Jay Morgan

“I mean I think it’s gonna happen soon cause I mean they’ve proven its not as bad as some things that are legal. They’ve shown we can make money off it and tax it and stuff so I’m sure if it does happen Vermont will be next in line.”

Emily Haley

“For it, do it.”

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