New events planned by Republican Club

The Republican Club met last Thursday and announced some major plans as well as an effort to get the word out about the club.
Zack Holzworth, Zach Hample, Patrick Gilligan, Nick Colombo and Quinn O’Reilly all brainstormed about eight new events to plan, including a potential debate between the Democratic Club and the Republican Club and a debate between gubernatorial candidates Phil Scott and Bruce Lisman moderated by Jim Douglas.
“It’s going to be a rumble at Castleton,” said Gilligan.
Lisman visited campus on Oct. 22 and spoke to a small, but engaged audience in the 1787 room. Hample explained how he proposed the question, “what makes you more qualified than the other candidates?”
Lisman’s answer in a nutshell: his levels of experience and his strong background in business.
“He believes in the American Dream, that much is clear,” said Hample.
The club also came up with new fund-raising ideas including selling t-shirts to similar clubs at Middlebury, University of Vermont, and Plattsburg, as well as becoming more involved with Project 240.
“We’re open to anyone,” said O’Reilly.
“We don’t shove beliefs down other people’s throats, rather we want to educate people in Republican philosophy … we want to be proactive about political apathy,” said Hample.
The club has its own radio show on WIUV 91.3 Friday evenings from 7-9 where people can tune in and here the latest news and speakers. Huden’s own Ron Vaughn is a listener and fan of the station.
“That is how it should be in Washington,” was a compliment Vaughn gave them one evening, according to the members of the club.
The tentative date for the Republican-Democratic clubs’ debate will be Feb. 24. The club will reconvene again soon to make permanent dates for upcoming events. 

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