Garden Club creates homey, relaxing patio

Jenn Hudak / Castleton Spartan

President Dave Wolk joins faculty and students for the unveiling of the new picnic outside of the greenhouse.

Castleton University’s Greenhouse and Garden Club recently wanted to make the area outside of the greenhouse more presentable and turn it into a place where people can find peace and comfort. Their solution? They created a garden patio.

At the very end of the spring semester last year, the club worked hard to raise money, including a successful plant sale. After raising enough money, the club was able to buy the wood needed to make raised beds and to create an arbor.

To add to the area, they placed two picnic tables there where anybody is welcome to sit and enjoy the area.

The main focus of the garden patio was to make the greenhouse more welcoming. People would just walk past and seem to not find any interest in the greenhouse or the area surrounding it.

Now, people walk by and take a look at what is growing in the raised beds and they tend to admire the beautiful flowers as well. Club members say they now passersby seem intrigued by the changes and are taking time to check it out.

Professors, students and staff have been seen sitting at the picnic tables, enjoying the last of the beautiful weather and sometimes eating their lunch.

A few weeks into this year, the club had a grand opening for the garden patio, which was a huge success. They would like to thank all who came and enjoyed the welcoming of the new patio to Castleton University.

“We just hope that everyone realizes the garden patio is open to everyone. We want everyone to enjoy the space and have it be a place where people go to relax and feel peace,” one garden club member said.

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