Snapchat new feature is fun, but fading fast

For a couple of days, it seemed like puking up rainbows and looking like a zombie were major priorities for a lot of Castleton University students who were using the new Snapchat features.

Jared Leno

But like other social media options and gadgets, people either become infatuated with it, get bored of them quickly, or the app changes before anyone even had a chance to use it.

Junior Daniel Aiello is one who uses the new animation feature saying it’s something different.

Reba Miller

“I love it. It’s a lot of fun and makes snapchatting less awkward,” he said.

Sophomore Reba Miller agrees that it’s a neat idea, but thinks it will fall off the bandwagon soon. In fact, it already has in her social media world.

“I got lazy and just went back to reg pics and videos,” she said.

Junior Aiden Edward and junior Missy Dimock can’t download the new features because their iPhone 4S model doesn’t accommodate it.

“Mine doesn’t work, but I wish it did, just so I can be like everybody else. I feel out of the loop,” Edward said. “I wish I could throw up rainbows and look like a zombie.”

And some students could really care less. Senior Nick DeBartolo doesn’t have the new features – and doesn’t want them, with one exception.

“I thought it was kind of funny and cool at first, but it got lame after like one day, and yeah I wanted to do it, mainly the old-person face, but I wasn’t like devastated when I couldn’t,” he said.  

And for those reading this who are thinking, ‘Wow, how cool, I’m going to start using these Snapchat tricks to contort the faces of my friends with rainbows and zombie features,’ well, you can’t. Snapchat was recently updated and removed the rainbow feature as well as the scary faces feature.

According to an article on Techrader, the features are changing quickly and people shouldn’t get, “attached to the lenses.”

 “A new lens appears each day, with one dropping off when a new one is added,” said James Peckham, spokesperson for Techrader.

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