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Heather Robinson & Christin Martin

Question: How has the change to a University affected you?

Dominic Stillwell

“I don’t feel like there was a big change.  Everything seems the same as last year except for the name.”

Hillary Perry

“There hasn’t been much of a change, but I think there will be a different reaction to a degree from a university.  Future employers’ perceptions will be different because we are a university instead of just a state college.”

Katie Kloss

“I noticed professors seemed really excited about the name change and teaching at a university.” 

Kayla Moore

“I’m excited about earning a degree from a university.  Otherwise, I haven’t felt a big difference.”

Matthieu Fortier

“It has affected me in the sense that it has put my education into a different frame.  When a group of professionals decides that the work you are doing is as considerable as that done at university, you are likely to appreciate the opportunity differently and act accordingly.”

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