Senior lax player Kate Auer chats with Murphy

Kate Auer makes her way infront of the opposing team's net earlier this season.
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Kate Auer is a senior Spartan attacker on the women’s lacrosse team from South Glens Falls, N.Y.  Auer has been changing the games for the Spartans this season with 54 goals and 24 assists.  Not only is she the leading scorer on the team, but she is ranked fourth in her conference.

Q.What’s your secret to scoring a lot of goals?
A. I don’t really have a secret when it comes down to it. When I go to the goal, I just clear my mind. There just isn’t really a thought that goes by other then scoring that goal.

Q. When you aren’t playing lacrosse, what do you love to do?
A. I’m always with my teammates. I’m always hanging out with them, and I’m really close with my roommate as well.  If I’m not doing my homework or hanging in my room with my roommate, then you could find me with my teammates.”

Q. What was your most memorable moment on the lacrosse field?
A. My most memorable moment was last year in the NAC finals, we were tied with Thomas and there was nine seconds left.  The ball was on the defensive end, and we ended up making these Hail Mary passes down the field, and Grace Johnson ended up scoring the winning goal as the clock ran out.

Q. Who is your athlete idol?
A. To be honest, I really don’t have one! If I had to choose, probably Alex Morgan.

Q. Who has been the most inspirational person in your life and why?
A. It’s not really a single person. My team inspires me every day on and off the field.  Also, my parents are always really supportive too, and that really makes the difference, because if you don’t have supportive parents, and they aren’t going to your games, then it really puts a damper on your relationship.

Q. Do you watch women’s lacrosse and who is your favorite team?
A. I don’t want it that much, but if there is a big game on then we will get together as a team and watch it.  My favorite team is the New York Lizards.  

Q. Do you have a special soundtrack that you listen to before games?
A. Yea! We have one that plays in the locker room, then one that plays outside.  It’s just a bunch of remixed songs that we all came up with and put together.”

Q. Who is your favorite music artist?
A. I really like country, I don’t really have one favorite artist.

Q. What lacrosse company would you prefer, Nike or Warrior?
A. Nike! Nike everything, pretty much.

Q. Do you take the time to string your own lacrosse head?
A. Actually my stick just broke for the first time ever and I had to go and take it to someone else to get strung because I have never strung one.


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