O’Hara to lead SGA in 215

Mariah O'Hara

The votes are in and have been counted, and the SGA and senior class now have 11 new officers for the 2015-2016 academic year.     

“I knew it was going to be a tight race, and it was,” said newly elected SGA President, Mariah O’Hara, who unseated Elizabeth Young for the top student government post.

After hearing the results, she said she is really excited that the student body is allowing her to advocate for them in the upcoming school year. There is a lot to think about as the fall semester creeps up and she said officers have been busy brainstorming new ideas for a fresh start.

O’Hara said one of the biggest goals is to make SGA more accessible to students since SGA is essentially the voice of the students.  One thing the SGA is working on to make this happen is organizing a cupcake meet and greet for the end of the semester. She thinks this will make students more comfortable stopping in and putting a face to a name.

“Students need to realize that there are people on campus that are here to help them have a voice,” O’Hara said.

She isn’t the only officer who wants people to realize what kind of presence the SGA has on campus and what exactly they are here for.

“I think the biggest thing I’d like to improve is the attitude of SGA,” said the new SGA Vice President Emma Faucher. “I feel as though many students just look to us for money, but we’re so much more than just a bank account.”

One thing Faucher is really looking forward to is taking on a much larger role and responsibility in SGA than she ever has.  

Right now, officers are working on going through their constitution and making it easier for everyone to understand and read. They don’t want students to be confused in any way especially since their goal is to help the students.

“We are always trying to represent what the school is and be the leaders that the students have seen in us and show them why they elected us,” O’Hara said.

Both O’Hara and Faucher agree that everyone elected has an exceptional work ethic and will not disappoint.

“I am really looking forward to our team. They’re very personable and they are overall amazing,” O’Hara said.

Rounding out the list of new elected officials include Vice President of Campus Activities Breanna Morse, Vice President of Academics Catherine Wielgasz, Vice President of Community Relations Emma Blaiklock, Treasurer Tyler Anderson, Delegate Hollie Nop, Delegate Kyla Leary, Delegate Elizabeth Bassette, Senior Class President Colleen Kunz, Senior Class Vice President Isaac Bendavid and Senior Class Treasurer Emma.

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