Senior class prepares for the big day

Caps and gowns are hung up in the seniors’ closets just waiting to be worn on one of the most monumental milestone days of their lives.

Leading up to that day involves so much excitement and commotion it’s hard to imagine how fast time has flown by in just four years. They picture their very first year as a freshman, walking around campus wondering how they will get through these years and now they’ve made so many memories and friendships it will be hard to leave them behind.

Making the best of the time left is the goal that Castleton’s senior class officers have been working hard at.

“We want this to be a fun week that seniors can get together and have one last hoorah,” senior class President Cassie Pinaire said.

She added she hopes everyone takes these final days as an opportunity to become better acquainted with classmates and really get to know everyone they are going to be walking across the stage with on the “big day.”

So far, the four class officers have planned out a variety of activities for a senior week, starting on April 20.

Events include a campfire with music, human hungry hungry hippo, and possibly of an open mic-pub night, but plans for that have not been finalized. During that week there will also be a candle lighting ceremony on Thursday, April 23, and those who attend the ceremony will receive a surprise gift.

Everyone will be traveling to Fishtail Tavern right after the ceremony and gifts are handed out. The Campus Activities Board will then take the reigns and finish out the week’s events with karaoke and other fun activities to enjoy.

Pinaire and class Treasurer Jess Galatioto said they are very excited about senior week and they can’t wait to see all their hard work and planning fall into place.

“I’m nervous because I want this to be fun for people and for everyone to enjoy the time they have left at Castleton,” Pinaire said.

Galatioto was thinking the same thing.

“We do all this planning and I really hope that others think it will be great too,” she said.

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