Action Bronson introduces debut album Mr.Wonderful

If you’re the type of person who enjoys G-Eazy, Ryan Wadsworth and plays Don’t Tell Em, by Jeremih every Friday night, let me save you some time – stop reading this. For those with an actual ear for music and appreciation for real hip-hop, please continue.

New York City wordsmith and self-proclaimed “hunk of beef,” Action Bronson, just dropped his major-label debut album, Mr. Wonderful, on March 23 much to the delight of hip-hop heads everywhere.

The impossible-to-miss, 300-plus-poud Bronson continues to elevate his game with tight, referential bars throughout the standout album, earning him high praise from the hip-hop community.

While some believe Bronson couldn’t compete with bigger names, Mr. Wonderful easily blows away the competition with its unique and idiosyncratic flows. More recognizable names such as Kendrick Lamar and Earl Sweatshirt both dropped albums within a week of Bronsons, leading to speculation that Mr. Wonderful would slip through the cracks.

Earl Sweatshirt’s I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside, project was a success, but Earls abnormal rhymes are more of an acquired taste. Although the Odd Future standout has matured since his days of spitting lines like “Jacking off to buffering vids of Asher Roth eating apple sauce,” he still produces plenty of cringe worthy bars that will leave you speechless. Not to throw shade on Earl, who has already garnered comparisons to the legendary Nas, but his style isn’t tailored to everyone’s taste.

Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly, could and should be the cream of the crop. After all, Lamar easily has the most accolades out of the three and some have   dubbed him the new king of hip-hop. However, To Pimp a Butterfly was an overwhelming disappointment. Lamar’s poor rhyme scheme and an oddly confusing array of beats left fans wondering what happened? Perhaps the bar was set too high after an absolute classic in good kid, m.A.A.d city.

 Lamar had managed to keep his name among those on the cusp of being great for the past few years with hit after hit, but his biggest mistake was an unusual switch in style.

Nevertheless, Lamar’s loss is Bronson’s gain. With hip-hop heads searching for answers, they may have found one in Mr. Wonderful. With plenty of comparisons to Ghostface Killah and Kool G Rap to boot, Bronson delivers distinctive flows, followed by head-bobbing beats to put the album among the best of the young year.

On the track “Terry”, he sounds like he’s rapping from the corner table of a smoky social club. Horns sit in the background while Bronson assures us that no indulgence is rich enough to satisfy him, no female fatale enough to hold him down. “I’ll marry a ho,” he claims, “only if the bitch looks Mary Monroe.” Wonderful.


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