The “Wolf” of kicking

Castleton College’s sports teams have many impressive coaches with impressive accomplishments.

But one of the most remarkable coaches has been left under wraps.

Castleton football coach Steve Wolf has built quite the resume and is known throughout the country, though few at Castleton may know it.

 Wolf isn’t your typical football coach; he is a kicking and punting specialist.

And before coaching, Wolf had a successful career as a kicker and punter.

He started this career at Auburn, where he redshirted and spent one season.

“At Auburn I played amongst a lot of great players such as Bo Jackson. It was an exciting time to be there,” he said.

After Auburn, Wolf played out his final years of eligibility at Kentucky Wesleyan University from 1983-1987 where he set numerous records as a kicker and punter.

After his playing career was over, Wolf found himself coaching at Mount Saint Joseph’s and Rutland High School.

He then went on to take the job as the special teams coordinator with Castleton College, where he spent about five seasons.

Wolf loved coaching at a competitive level, but had to step down.

“My job at Spartan Arena, and serving as the special teams coordinator was tough to manage,” he said.

This didn’t stop Wolf from continuing his love of coaching.

In 2004, Wolf received a call from the Middlebury College football coach requesting that he work with their newest kicker.

Wolf didn’t realize he would be working with future Super Bowl winner, Steve Hauschka from the Seattle Seahawks.

“The first time I saw him kick, I knew he had something special,” Wolf said.

“We continued to work a lot of kicking camps together, and developed a good relationship.”

The two have continued the relationship and Wolf still works with the All-Pro kicker.

“When you get to that level of play, it’s about 90 percent psychological and 10 percent technique. It’s important for Steve to be in a rhythm as the season goes on,” he said.

Wolf also works with New York Jets punter Ryan Quigley and many big name universities including the University of Connecticut, University of New Hampshire, Penn State and even North Carolina State.

Wolf continues to work throughout the country, but has also found his way back to Castleton.

This past season, Wolf worked to develop the Spartans kickers and punters.

Head Coach Tony Volpone is excited to have Wolf on staff.

“He brings a level of expertise to our football team, so on game day were maximizing the efforts of our kickers and punters,” he said.

Quarterback George Busharis feels the Spartan offense can become even more explosive as they develop their kickers.

“Games often come down to extra points, so Coach Wolf’s knowledge can be the difference in close games,” Busharis said.

Moving forward, Volpone feels Wolf will have a dramatic impact on the team.

“ His knowledge will pay dividends as we continue to build a championship team,” he said.

As for Wolf, he’s just excited to be around the sport he loves.

“Its more about the chase than anything else. After being around the game this long, it’s fun to see the relationships and contacts I’ve built,” he said.


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