The wait continues for The Spartan Dome

Castleton students and faculty are anxiously counting down the days until the Spartan dome gets put up, but they might have to remain patient.

Castleton’s Dean of Administration Scott Dikeman said funding and permits remain issues to resolve.

 “It is certainly our hope to complete the project this summer, but it’s not a sure thing. The funding will not come from our operating budget, but through other sources, yet to be determined,” he said.

Dikeman said he and his team are still in the process of completing the permit to erect it.

Despite not knowing when it will be built, student athletes are anxious for what the dome will offer for the athletic programs.

 “I feel as though it will provide many benefits to the community. Many athletes will admire the dome and will be a big part of the future recruiting process,” said Steven Ladka, junior offensive lineman on the football team.

Castleton student athletes say the indoor facility will improve the off-season progress giving them a chance to practice in a large space year-round.

Jack Ralbovsky, a junior and member of the men’s golf team, says he’s really looking forward to his senior year being able to utilize the new dome.

 “Anything that gives athletes a chance to spend more time improving their skills will help the teams improve their success. The dome will for sure provide this for Castleton,” Ralbovsky said.

The Spartan dome will provide the perfect off-season facility for outdoor sports like football, baseball, softball, golf, soccer, lacrosse and field hockey whose players otherwise would have to practice on wood in a gym.

 “Not only will it increase golf tremendously, but there will be a significant increase in the athletics success as a whole,” said men’s head golf coach Reggie Colomb. “Not only will the dome help out Castleton College, but it will bring in a ton of revenue for the Rutland community as well.”

Sophomore lacrosse players Sean Paradis and Edward Doton said they can’t wait to have a chance to practice in the dome.

 “The dome made Castleton a more attractive place while looking for a new school. The idea of the dome excited me because it represents a culture geared toward expansion and development that I really wanted to be a part of,” said Doton, a transfer student.

Freshman Aaron Parker, goalie for the men’s soccer team, believes that the dome will provide more practice times because as of now the pre-season teams share shape gym due to the snowy fields.  

“As of now baseball, softball, lacrosse, and golf are all sharing the shape gym and that’s not helping them get ready for the outdoors,” Parker said. 

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