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Getting into college, finishing college and then figuring out the rest of the equation usually happens completely separately for student. That was not the case for senior accounting student Alyson Marcucci.

Since Nov. 1, Marcucci has been working as assistant town treasurer in her hometown of Stratton, Vt. – while also attending school full-time at Castleton.

And after graduation she will be taking over full-time as treasurer.

For a total stranger, this may sound pretty rare, but to anyone who knows Marcucci, they say they wouldn’t expect anything less from her.

“She’s very much a perfectionist. I think any task she takes on she will always be successful,” said business professor Peg Richards.

Every once in a while, Marcucci and Richards will see each other in the Coffee Cottage and have nice conversation to catch up a bit. As her former professor, Richards knows exactly what she is like in the classroom.  

“She is a great student and a little on the shy side. She has a soft-speaking manner and has all her work done very promptly,” Richards said.

Another professor, Judith Robinson, who teaches economics, expressed how proud she is of Marcucci’s accomplishments.

 “I think it’s a wonderful example what a Castleton student can do,” Robinson said.

Being such a young person and taking on such a lofty and important position position made Marcucci a little insecure. She wondered if others might see her lack of experience as a weakness. Yet to her surprise, people saw her presence as a change of pace and opportunity.

Town Clerk Kent Young said everyone is very excited about her taking over as treasurer. He said not only is she well known around the small town, but she also has very good grades in school and excellent qualifications for the position.

Furthermore, as technology continues to advance, Kent said they will need someone who knows what they are doing with a computer and Marcucci will be perfect.

“It’s nice to get someone young that can learn. She was certainly one of the top people that were considered,” Kent said.

Alyson is eager to get started with life after graduation and has been preparing for this position since she even thought of running for the office.     

“I am very excited to start this new journey, although I know there will be learning curves along the way.”


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