Alum Assoc. seeks student and faculty award nominees

It is that time of year again to make your nominations for the Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Award and the Leonard C. Goldman Distinguished Senior Award, Alumni Association officials announced last week.

Gary Quinn, an alumnus and former Alumni Association president, came to last Tuesday seeking to bolster nominations.

The Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Award recognizes a faculty member whose excellence in teaching influences student well beyond graduation. Previous recipients include Linda Olson, Bill Ramage, and Robert Gershon.

“The great thing about the award, for me, is that I was nominated by alumni. It’s wonderful to be able to think that years out, your old students still remember you and think maybe you’ve helped improve their lives,” Gershon said.

The Leonard C. Goldman Distinguished Senior Award looks for a student who embodies the qualities of leadership, spirit and service to the college community and beyond.

“The Alumni Association does not solely define spirit as someone in the spectator section yelling ‘Go Spartans!’ but rather as someone who bleeds 343 Green,  is not afraid to accept a challenge, and is willing to roll up their shirt sleeves to get a task accomplished whether on campus or off,” said Quinn.

The recipient must be an enrolled senior during the 2014-2015 academic year and will receive a $1,000 gift at commencement.

“Since the Alumni Association believes that the vast majority of Castleton students probably possess all three of the qualifications needed to be a recipient of this award, we’re surprised that we’re not inundated with nominations. What graduating senior can’t use $1,000,” he said.

The nominations must be either handed in or emailed to the Alumni Office by Friday, Mar. 28, at 4p.m.  Awards will be presented at commencement.


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