Coffee with a smile

As you walk into The Coffee Cottage you hear the faint sound of music, see seasonal décor, and almost always get a warm hello from the employees. Frequent customers rarely  have to place an order.

“Bagel with cream cheese with your coffee?” a CoffeeCottage employee asked a student as he prepared his coffee.

“Yes, please. Thank you,” he replied.

Fran Breslin serves customers with a smile.
Molly DeMellier/Castleton Spartan

Castleton student Alyson Marcucci visits the Coffee Cottage four times a week.  

“I get the same coffee everyday and the same thing for lunch. They know me by name and what I want so it’s pretty nice,” Marcucci said.

Elainey Fitzpatrick said she always enjoys the bright faces of the staff.

“They are always happy it seems, and they always have a smile on their faces,” she said. “It’s nice to see.”

One of the friendly employees, Fran Breslin, is in her third year working at the Cottage, and you couldn’t make her leave.

 “I started at Fireside for four years, then Huden for a year,” Breslin said. “I definitely like it here the best,” she said. “It’s much quieter”

A visit to the Coffee Cottage recently unveiled all sorts of

fall decorations including candy corn and pumpkins and a witch wonderfully drawn by Breslin and co-worker Elizabeth Davis on the blackboard, and seasonal flowers littering the room.

Students say when they sit in The Coffee Cottage, they always feel relaxed. It’s not loud, it’s not silent, but there is never ruckus. It is always peaceful.

“I like the relaxing environment. It isn’t as quiet and stressful like the library can be,” Marcucci said.

 Another Frequent visitor to the Cottage, Steve Vitale, enjoys something that isn’t anywhere else on campus.

“I really like the food here, especially the humus and pretzels,” he said “Also the coffee is good.”

The Coffee Cottage is the only place around that serves Vermont Coffee Company coffee.

It also offers a coffee card, where when you buy five coffees, the sixth is free.

 “I’m not sure how much business we get because of it, but we go through a lot of coffee,” Breslin said. “We go through a lot of coffee! And every student loves getting that free one.”

If you come into The Coffee Cottage, two things will likely happen: you will get good food, drinks and be treated with friendly service.

“Good bye Aly, have a nice day,” Breslin says to Marcucci as she leaves.


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