Suitcase Party sent them packing

Loud music, dancing and costumes are not usually what come to mind when thinking about Huden Dining Hall, but Oct. 25’s “Suitcase Party” changed all previous perceptions of the college’s eating grounds.

Sponsored by the Campus Activities Board, known as C.A.B., the “Suitcase Party” was an inventive idea. The tables were cleared, the music was turned up, and all inhibitions were left at the door for one night of fun with friends in costume.

This is how it worked: To be entered in a raffle to go to Six Flags amusement park, students had to show up before 11 with a packed bag. When the winner was drawn at midnight, they could pick a friend and immediately be driven to Six Flags with a hotel booked, a day pass for the next day, and a $50 meal ticket.

David Ievoli, the president of C.A.B., was very happy with the way the event turned out.

“We had 225 people throughout the night. So over a fifth of campus. People enjoyed it and we had fun,” Ievoli said.  

Another unique aspect of the night was the bar in the Alumni Room. Sarah Bergstrom, a senior, enjoyed this very much.

“I have wine in Huden! This is so much fun. We should have this every weekend,” she said.

The winners of the Six Flags getaway, Dani Crawford and Grandon Smith, apparently had a blast, according to Ievoli.

“Yeah, they loved it! They sent me pictures all throughout their day at Six Flags. I was really happy they won,” said Ievoli.

People in costume trickled in and out all night and C.A.B. raised almost $200. Ievoli said there are more parties in the works.

Ievoli, dressed as a nerd for the night, said he’s excited for what’s to come.

“What’s next? Probably another sweater party. People really enjoyed it last year,” he said.


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