Extreme makeover: Sparty edition

Sparty serenades campus during Orientation.
Christopher Williams/Castleton Spartan

After eight years of service, Sparty is finally getting a new look.

Countless  students over those eight years have dressed in the Sparty suit to parade around and drum up school spirit. And as fun as it can be, there were some drawbacks.

“It’s like wearing a football helmet, like a really big football helmet,” said senior Clay Childers, who has played the role of Castleton College mascot on various occasions.

The suit is in Valley Springs, Calif. at Carol Flemming Costume Design, the company responsible for the last Sparty suit.

This suit, however, will have a few very important changes including a refrigeratable gel to insert inside the suit making Sparty not so sweaty on those hot summer orientation days.

“It can get pretty hot in there,” said senior Jessica Galatioto. “The head is way heavier than you think it is and it kind of jabs into your shoulders.”

Flemming said those who get inside this one will be happier.

“I made one back in 1998 and this one is much nicer because the whole suit is washable,” said Flemming during a phone interview. “It also has a soft helmet that Velcros in, making it cleaner and comfier for whoever is wearing it.”

The removable, washable helmet makes it so the current wearer won’t have to smell every single sweat drop from past Spartys, she said.

“This Sparty costume’s head will also be in Castleton green now, unlike the past one which was Kelley green,” said Matt Patry, director of Student Activities.

In charge of this big change is the Student Government Association, which is also footing the $1,700 cost.

This Sparty suit will be the third one Castleton has had and hopefully the most comfortable one. When hearing about some of the new changes, Childers said he’s excited about being in the new suit.

“Only at lacrosse games though. Glenbrook is too small for a fun Sparty,” he said.

With the new Sparty costume being made for comfort, school officials hope more students will aspire to be Sparty.

“It’s fun running around having a good time and no one knows who you are,” Galatioto said. “One of the best parts is when people want to take a picture of you and your don’t have to smile, but you already are cause it’s a good time.”


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