Why would anyone want to keep up with the Kardashians?

It doesn’t seem like there is much to keep with up when watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. Givenchy shoes, their boobs, and their problems are the only things the Kardashian family likes to talk about; and their fans.

     Junior Jackie Bielak and Sophomore Emily Burke seem to swear by the show. Bielak, a die-hard fan with a poster of Kim in her room, says the show is, “soooo gooood and pretty funny!” It is so interesting that she even follows the Kardashians on Instagram. “It’s cool to see their outfit on Insta and then on the show, ya know” said Bielak.

     The episode consisted of Kourtney arguing with her husband Scott, Khloe mindlessly agreeing with everything, and Kim sitting on her butt, which is probably the most exciting part of the show; it’s huge.      

“Oh my god they’re so pretty,” seemed to be the only thing Burke could say.

     Khloe was being scolded by her sisters for eating a hefty meal while pregnant.  “Nilla wafers are a defined snack … you’re chowing down,” said Kourtney.

     Kris, mother of the girls, seemed to be the most notable family member. With her slang, “CTC” standing for “Cover The Camel (toe)” and her saying she was going to, “get all the bitches drunk,” at Kim’s wedding seemed like really classy parenting.

     The dialogue between the family is apparently about something all the viewers would want to know.

“Why are you rubbing your own boobs,” asked Kris to Kourtney.

“To make them better,” said Kourtney.

“Good idea,” said Kris.

Enough said.

     Perhaps the most interesting part of the show was how similar Bielak and Burke act like the Kardashians. Their afternoon consisted of watching the Kardashians, following the Kardashians on Instagram, texting on their phones, splitting a bagel because it’s a “defined snack” and petting their cat Nala, who wears a sheik, dark pink, custom designed collar.

“I wanted a hot pink collar though,” said Bielak.  

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