How to be a vegan without being annoying

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        This week I thought I’d give you all some basic information on how to NOT be an annoying vegan. We all know the type. They’ve got their condescending tones and their upturned noses and their crunchy vegan granola. Nobody likes these people, no one. Don’t be one. I know most, if not all, of the people reading this aren’t vegan and therefor don’t really need this info, but maybe you could pass it along to an annoying vegan friend.

        Guess what. There’s really only one rule to not be an annoying vegan. DON’T TALK ABOUT IT! Yes, I realize I’m breaking that rule by writing a whole damn blog about it, but it’s for the greater good, and the main point I’m trying to make is that it should not be a frequented topic of conversation in your every day life.

        They way you choose to eat is a personal choice, not every single person you come into contact with on a daily basis needs a full description of the moral high ground you think you’re standing on. So DON’T talk about it unless someone asks, which they probably won’t because no one cares.

       If they DO happen to ask (which they won’t) don’t start spouting some clearly rehearsed monologue about how every meat eater is going to die of heart disease and then end up in hell. If they ask (which they won’t) just tell them that it was a personal choice you made based on research. That’s it.

        There are instances where it will be unavoidable, like if you’re going out to eat or if someone offers you something. Just be subtle about it.

 What NOT to do:

Person: “Hey, do you want this delicious bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich”

You: * inner monologue: Ugh! More than anything * “How many times do I have to tell you?! I’m VEGAN NOW. Do you even know how many fluffy creatures were harmed in the making of that breakfast sandwich?!? Not to mention how clogged your arteries probably are??”

 Person: “I hate you.”

 What TO do:

 Person: “Hey, do you want this delicious bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich”

 You: * inner monologue: Ugh! More than anything… *  “No thanks.”

 Person: “Okay.”

       Did you notice a difference? Bottom line is, if you’re passionate about something it can be a hard not to talk about it, no matter what it is. I’m not going to pretend I don’t catch myself being an annoying vegan and over-sharing on occasion, but I make a conscious effort not to. Pushing you’re opinions on innocent and unsuspecting bystanders is a shitty thing to do, no matter what the opinion is. 

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