Castleton lights up the night

Master DJ Class winner Matt Woodward performs at the Glow Party.
Christopher Williams/Castleton Spartan

Castleton pulsed with life in the late hours of the night. Students entered the building ornamented with glow sticks and LED lights. Music surged through the building as students made their way to the S.H.A.P.E Gym, the unlit hallways lined by glowing arrows transformed to tunnels leading to the Glow Party. Students flowed through the hallway like blood in a narrow artery, bustling together as they tried to reach their destination.
In a wave of heat, glow sticks painted the air as two students commanded the night from the stage revealing their master music skills.
Only three hours previous, the prospective DJ’s of the night were battling it out in the DJ Master class to decide the two lucky individuals that would get to lead the Glow Party. The winners, Joe DeSantis and Matt Woodward; easily created a great atmosphere that many students seemed to greatly enjoy.
“I think the party is going really well. There are a lot of people here tonight, and I hope more of the events go like this. There weren’t a lot of people at first, but now it’s going really great!” said junior Emma Faucher.
True to Faucher’s comments the gym was packed, and more students filtered into the room as the night wore on picking up their complimentary glow sticks before they made their way into the exhilarated crowds. Strands of silly string sprayed the wild crowd. Members of the Campus Activities Board looked on in delight at the success of the night, some members took pictures of the crowds to document their triumph.
“It’s really successful,” said BreAnna Morse, a member of CAB. “We were really worried at first because dances haven’t been known to go very well on campus. But this event is definitely doing great, and we really want to do something like this again. It keeps students preoccupied and on campus so they’re not bothering the community, and it’s a great way to have fun.”


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