Leaders seek a bigger SGA presence

A sit down with Student Government Association President Elizabeth Young and Executive Vice President Julia McIntyre

On every college campus across this country, there are groups of students who hold tremendous power and often the rest of campus doesn’t always understand who they are or what they do. 

To help remedy that on the Castleton College campus, I sat down with Student Government Association President Elizabeth Young, a business major, and Executive Vice President Julia McIntyre, an exercise science major. 

Young, one year removed from being SGA treasurer, and McIntyre, a newcomer to SGA, stressed the importance of branding, accomplished in part perhaps by creating a new website to replace the old. 

The current website has an outdated list of officers, an old constitution and incorrect emails. Young said she wants the SGA to become more accessible to students. 

“With the new website coming up, we’re hoping to have each of our pictures on the website with our email and position” she said.

Both Young and McIntyre spoke about a lack of an SGA presence felt as students walk around campus. They said they’d like to change that by placing SGA labels on items it paid for like the water-filling stations. 

When asked about her duties, Young was quick to point out her role as more of a facilitator. 

“I’m a mentor for the other students who are part of student government,” she said, adding that she doesn’t see herself as having to lead every effort, but finding those with ideas and helping them make their projects a success. 

McIntyre echoed Young adding, “I’m basically here for support for all of the delegates in general. Also a voice of the students as we all are as SGA members.” 

Both young women spoke about how much they wanted to help their fellow SGA members find a path to success. 

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