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It’s playoff time folks! With time running down before graduation, the Spartans are preparing for the postseason.
The woman’s lacrosse team has already punched its ticket into the postseason being the number one seed in the North Atlantic Conference tournament.
The men’s lacrosse team will enter the postseason being the number one seed after beating Maine-Maritime this weekend. Both of these teams are looking to get back into the NCAA tournament this year.
The NHL playoffs are finally here!

The Bruins will look to get back to the Stanley Cup. One thing is for sure is that all the series are going to be go down to the wire and people will put their bodies on the line.
Look at Anaheim Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf, as he got hit in the face by a Tyler Seguin slapshot, got stiches, and played in the Ducks game to win over the Dallas Stars.
Oh, and a congratulations goes out to Union College. The Schenectady school picked up its first hockey national championship defeating the University of Minnesota 7-4.
While basketball has ended here at Castleton, the NBA playoffs are about to begin. But before I look at the NBA playoffs, how about the University of Connecticut men’s basketball team winning the NCAA Championship as a #7 seed, the first time that it has happened ever! I bet not many people had them winning the national championship, I certainly didn’t.
In the NBA, it is the first time ever that the Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, and the Los Angeles Lakers aren’t in the NBA playoffs. With that being said I look at this year’s playoffs to be very intense.
I look for the Heat and Pacers to square off in the Eastern Conference finals, with the Rockets and Thunder facing off in the Western Conference finals. I then look for two of the NBA’s best players to square off in the NBA finals: Kevin Durant and LeBron James.
Baseball is just starting and the Red Sox are not off to the greatest of starts, but it’s early in the season and they will hopefully come out of this funk. One thing I know that I will look forward to is seeing our baseball team play some home games. They will hopefully play at least two games by the time of this publication.

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