Prom dress rugby game canceled

When you think of rugby, you picture dirt, mud, blood and bruises. Basically football without all the padding.
Now picture prom.
Girls spend hours upon hours getting their nails, hair and makeup done. And don’t forget the dozens of dresses tried on until the perfect one was found. If you put those two things together, what do you get?

The annual prom dress rugby game.
This unusually attired rugby game is held every year at the University of Vermont, and is exclusively for Vermont state colleges. All the same rules and regulations apply as if you were playing a regular game of rugby.
The only difference is you’re supposed to find the ugliest and weirdest prom dress you can, and wear that underneath the jersey.
“It’s not everyday you see girls tackling each other for a ball in sequins and feathers,” said senior Savanna Cortvriend. “It’s the spectacle of irony.”
Unfortunately, tradition will have to be broken this year. The 2014 prom dress game was cancelled because UVM officials weren’t able to find a field to play on.
“As a new player, I had heard a lot about the prom dress game and really looked forward to it,” said freshman Karsten Woods. “Hopefully I’ll get that chance next year.”
This’ll make the anticipation for next years game that much stronger.
Those who played in the prom dress game in years past, say it absolutely hilarious to watch and play.
“It’s a ton of fun to watch and play!” said recent Castleton graduate Erin Devost.
Senior Liza Tarleton agrees.
“It’s funny to see everyone,” said Tarleton. “Last year a few girls wore tutus and there were feathers everywhere.”
Sequins, feathers, large costume jewels, balls gowns, skirts – nothing is off limits. The uglier the better, participants say. This game had become a tradition for the women’s rugby team at Castleton. Tradition is a huge part of the rugby culture.
“Tradition is in every sport,” said sophomore and president Devyn Potter. “If you lose tradition, you lose a sense of what rugby really is.”
Unfortunately for this year’s squad, the prom dress game tradition is broken.

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