Music review: Haley Reinhart

Over spring break I traveled to North Carolina with a group of friends and during the 14-hour car ride I listened to A LOT of music.
One of the artists we listened to, continuously, was 23-year-old Haley Reinhart from season 10 of American Idol. Reinhart was just 21 when she placed third on the show. After American Idol she was signed by a couple different
record labels trying to start her singing career.
Even though she was released by one label, she is still signed and continues to record.
One of the reasons I am so obsessed with this woman is her voice.
Reinhartʼs dreamy tone surprises you because it sounds like a 40-year-old woman is belting out power ballads. Singing blues, pop, jazz, funk, soul and rock, Reinhart really has a versatile voice that is joyful to listen to always.
After listening to so much of her music I was curious so of course I googled her. I learned that both her parents are musicians and she was singing and performing with her parents at the age of 8.
Now, I always wonder how the contestants donʼt vomit on stage from nerves, but it seems Reinhart had a few years of practice before.
While on the show, Reinhart received multiple standing ovations from the judges including for her performances of “House of the Rising Sun” and “Bennie and the Jets.”
Her performance of “House of the Rising Sun” is by far my favorite of her songs due to the way she twists it and sings it completely different than it has ever been sung before.
With so many artists all sounding so similar, it was refreshing to hear a unique voice among a pool.
Although she hasn’t released anything recently, I hope she continues to record and progress because I would surely love to hear more of her voice. If she continued to do covers, I certainly would not be mad about it and while I never expected to find a fantastic artist on American Idol, Iʼm very glad I did. Check her out!

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