Volpone eager to take over football program

Tony Volpone was introduced as the third head football in Castleton history and now takes over the reins of a program that has a bit of a dark cloud over it.
But Volpone stressed that as far as he’s concerned, it’s all about the future.
“We are putting no focus on the past, we are simply moving forward,” he said.
The football team finished last season with a 1-9 record. Despite the many losses     Volpone is confident that he can steer the struggling Spartan squad in the right direction.
“Pressure is something you get when you don’t know what you’re doing, I’ve been thinking about this moment for many years now,” he said.
Volpone is not alone in thinking the Spartan can again succeed, and soon.   
Linebacker Nick Romeo feels the Spartans can have great success with the addition of Volpone.
“I like his philosophy for offense and defense. It doesn’t mention anything about winning or losing. It is a formula that mentions the aspects it takes to win,” he said.
Volpone is very certain that his mission statement will help in taking the Spartans in the right direction.
“Our goal is to develop the most united, disciplined, physical, fundamentally sound football family that understands the importance of academics and becomes integrated within the community; demonstrated through unmatched focus and work ethics while establishing life long memories and friendships. That is what we are going to stand for here at Castleton,” he said.
According to Volpone this mission statement will be the focal point of the program.
“I expect to be able to stop a player in practice, the dining hall, or on the way to class and have them recite our mission statement,” he said

Volpone has also stressed the importance of character within the team.
“When you can think outside yourself, and impact someone else’s life, that’s when you know you have something special. That’s when you know you have a program.”
Prior to Castleton, Volpone has served positions at Nichols College, Bridgewater College, Becker College, Norwich University, and Endicott College. At Endicott, Volpone played a vital role in transforming Endicott from a three win team to a New England Football Conference Powerhouse. Volpone served as the offensive coordinator, quarterback coach, and recruiting coordinator. Under his control the Gulls had the number one passing offense in the NEFC totaling 2788 yards, and 27 touchdown passes.
While at Endicott, Volpone instilled the trait of character within his players by participating in many charity events. One of these events was reaching out to the member of the community with cerebral palsy. The Endicott team took him in and treated him as if he were another teammate. The team even held a press conference and signed him with a mock letter of intent.
Dean of Administration, Scott Dikeman feels strongly that the Castleton community made the right decision by choosing Volpone.
“We ended up with what we feel is not only an outstanding football coach but also a better person,” Dikeman said.
President Dave Wolk spent seven-hours in the car with Volpone driving from Boston to Castleton. After the drive Wolk only had positive things to say.
“It made me realize that the unanimous choice of the committee was the right choice for the job,” Wolk said.

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