Women’s rugby team to host Scorpion Bowl 2014

As cabin fever grows ever larger, many Castleton students are grasping at the chance to do something outside. Thanks to the efforts of the Women’s Rugby Club and despite the suspension of the men’s club, one spring Castleton tradition will continue.
“As a team, we were glad to take on the responsibility of hosting Scorpion Bowl this upcoming spring,” said sophomore team Secretary Emma Faucher.
The rugby tournament and post tournament celebration known on campus as “Scorpion Bowl,” will take place April 26 on the President’s lawn for the 17th consecutive year. However, this year’s installment has not come without complications.
Both the men’s and women’s teams at Castleton annually host the tournament. But because the men’s team was suspended for the season for a hazing incident, the burden this year has fallen completely on the girls’ shoulders.
“It’s challenging getting everything done on schedule without the help of the guys’ team. Everything has to be approved and that can get hectic,” said Faucher.
The tournament format is traditionally a round robin with both the guys and girls playing. However, this year only the women will be playing against their instate rivals Lyndon, Johnson, and Green Mountain.
Many seniors on the men’s team, including Ryan Clark, are bummed that they cannot participate in their final Scorpion Bowl.
“I am disappointed by the fact that this is one of my last college memories, and the fact that I can’t participate saddens me. However, I’m glad the college is allowing the girls to continue the tradition and I will give them my support,” said Clark.
Junior Captain and Club President Dan Beauregard can still see the bigger picture throughout this tough process.
“Rugby is rugby, so the fact that we can still have our alumni come and give us their support is the most important thing. The tournament atmosphere is vital for everybody on campus to enjoy themselves,” Beauregard said.

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