Right to Play to fundraise with campus-wide kickball tournament

Anyone who has every played a sport or still plays a sport knows the importance life lessons it can teach. But not every child in America has the opportunities to be able to play a sport. That’s where the charity Right To Play comes in.  They raise money to be able to teach children sports and allow them to learn and experience lessons in a safe and comfortable environment.
Two years ago, thanks to Castleton graduate, Lindsey Gullet, Right To Play came to Castleton. The first event was a dodgeball game that broke a world record. Last year it was a barefoot soccer game and this year it is kickball.
In charge of the fundraising are juniors Ryan Frost and Thomas Shelley. Their main goal this year is to get everyone involved, not just student athletes and raise even more money.
“The last couple years, we’ve had only athletes in it,” said Frost. “So I thought of something that would be fun for everyone and that guys and girls regardless of athletic ability could go out, play and have a good time with it.”
Shelley agrees.
“That was a big thing this year, involving everybody,” said Shelley. “The more the merrier.”
Instead of just student athletes being able to participate in the event, their ultimate goal is to have ten teams of ten people and raise over $7,500 for the charity. That means alumni, staff, non-student athlete students, friends, family et. cetera can play.
According to rightotplay.com, Right To Play’s mission is “to use sport and play to educate and empower children and youth to overcome the effects of poverty, conflict and disease in disadvantaged communities”.
“I really like that the Right to Play is all about helping the children and allowing them to have a chance to play the game that they desire,” said junior Jenna Botswick. “As children, we were all privileged with the opportunity to play, so I believe that it is important for the rest of the children to have a chance”.
While you’re having fun, indulging your inner child playing kickball, you’re also making a difference in a child’s life. Sports can change lives. It can be used as a tool for education and physical and mental health along with bringing entire communities together and inspiring people to be the best that they can be. They teach selflessness, work ethic, sportsmanship, teamwork and so much more.
“I like being involved in Right to Play because not only does it involve sports, but its a way that I feel I am making a difference in kids lives all over the world who aren’t fortunate enough to have the same opportunities and experiences that I have had,” senior Annie Towslee said.
The kickball game will be taking place on May 3rd on the president’s lawn. Round up 10 to 12 friends, release your inner child and enjoy a game of kickball for a good cause.
“Without sports, we probably wouldn’t be here at this college or this part of the United States,” said Shelley. “Giving kids the opportunity…and use our resources to help them to increase their health and life expectancy then I think we’ve made a difference.”

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