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The Student Government Association continues to strive toward projects, preparations, and planning, even with the semester winding down.
The SGA welcomes transfer student Tara Dee onto their ranks as a new delegate and Hannah Locke as the Deputy Chief Justice of College Court.
Dee was also elected as the Vice President of Community Relations-a student liaison position that is meant to encourage greater cooperation between the Rutland and Castleton communities.  

One exciting project that has delegates at work is the proposition of adding a “Zipcar” to the Castleton State College community.
“The car is subsidized by the company and insured by the company, while maintained by the college,” said President of SGA, Timothy Mackintosh

“It’s a wonderful tool that will allow students who have licenses but no cars on campus to rent the vehicle for hours at a time. That way, our on-campus students will have a way to access outside of Castleton, as well,” adds Treasurer Elizabeth Young.
The Cheerleading Club has reached out to the SGA to ask for strong support at their last meeting.
Sierra Boxberger, who will step up to the position of captain next year, spoke about the future of the club and the need for strong support from their student government in fundraising and in providing initial funds for uniforms so that they could represent the Castleton community in another arena.
“We have a real coach now, but we will never be allowed to be more than a club. So, we need to provide a strong base here. There are extreme athletes in this sport that are not looking to come to a failing program, so we want to get the Castleton name out and contribute to the growing of the program,” said Boxberger.
With their strong plans for fundraisers in March and April, along with their passionate hopes at representing the college, the SGA voted to award the Club $2,980 for the initial costs for competition and uniforms.
“I like their commitment,” said Delegate Hollie Nopp about the vote.
In other news, Mackintosh hopes to leave one more lasting legacy on behalf of this year’s SGA-a student leadership scholarship designed to potentially pay the entirety of a dedicated student leader’s education.
Initially, the scholarship would become a regular budget item for the college. By depositing potentially a first sum of $10,000 with the resulting interest of 10 or 12 percent, the scholarship grows every year.
“The interest is the scholarship,” said Mackintosh excitedly, “and if we call for a referendum to make this a mandatory budget item, every single year-this is like in 50 years from now, we will be able to pay for multiple student leaders’ education just on interest.”
The SGA delegates agreed with Mackintosh, and the group will move forward in drafting both requirements and stipulations in order to officialize the new scholarship.
  Additionally, the SGA raised the student activities fee from $123 to an even $150 in anticipation of the growing population. The move will add a cool $170,000 to the SGA budget which will be used to provide more events and activities as well as an additional advisor position to the SGA.
Elections are set to take place soon. Online voting will start March 24 through the 28; in person voting to start March 31 and end April 4.. There are applications and job descriptions in the SGA office, located on the Campus Center. There is a great need for students to help with the process of elections.

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