One book, two book, red book, blue book

On March 15, Castleton State College students and local elementary school students will come together to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day.    

Dr. Seuss Day is sponsored by CSC’s Social Issues Club and members hope it will be a very special day for children’s literacy. Students will enjoy the arts and crafts, book reading and face painting.
“Anyone can join the Social Issues Club and stop by to see the Dr. Seuss Day and help if they feel like it,” said Social Issues Club President Jazmin Spear.
The event is from 9 a.m. to noon in the 1787 room in the Campus Center and there will be snacks provided.
“It’s my first time doing an event like this as president of the Social Issues Club and we hope to spread out more to the community,” Spear said.  

Spear and Vice President Shelley Van de Weert are hoping that the college and the community can connect together and help get their name out there as a positive club.
They said the Social Issues Club wants the community to not think of college students as unruly kids.
Castleton Elementary School Principal Eloise Ginty is excited about the collaborative effort between her students and college students and said Dr. Seuss is a perfect glue to bring them together.
“I think making connections between college and elementary school students is definitely a positive thing especially if it is well organized and fun for the children,” she said. “The Dr. Seuss books all have such important messages in them and can be the catalyst for some very deep conversations, learning and new perspectives.”
The Social Issues Club is open for anyone who wants to join and leaders hope to branch it out to the community and the college. They are looking for donations of children’s books and said anyone can attend the Dr. Seuss event and help out if they feel the need to have fun and play with the kids.
Ginty said it’s important for her students to be exposed to college students.
“The elementary school students look up to college students and spending productive time with them might even spark a seed of higher education for them in the future,” she said.
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