Game Review: Youth Digital Mod Design 1

Youth Digital Mod Design 1 was designed for modifying Minecraft PC version.  In this mod pack players get to create a sword, pickaxe, and many other very cool things that you can imagine. You can put that imagination into code and then into the game for players to use and have a blast using the items they create.   Not only are you playing, but you are learning programming.
Players can make the items they create more powerful or very dull.  They can make helpful food for healing your character’s hunger bar and regenerate your health bar.  And players can make animals or hostile enemies for very challenging fights or you could make them tamable so they work for you or for sticky situations like when you need light.  The animals can glow and give you light.  Creatures can be made of glow stone, a bright light source you can use so you don’t have to go to the Nether every time you need glow stone dust.
You can also make an ore block and the item that comes from that specific ore block such as uranium ore and titanium ore.  You make weapons or armor from these.  Armor can also be made to look awesome and give full protection or very low protection from any enemies.  Music disc, which can be played as a game soundtrack, can be a possibility.   
Many players that play PC Minecraft may need server software called LogMeIn Hamachi which allows other players to join your modded game and try out the many different items the host has made in the Youth Digital Mod 1 for the fun of playing a modded game for their first time.
The price of the mod pack is about $150 but getting the mod pack is totally worth it.  If you like programing games then this is the program for you and anyone else that wants to try it out for the experience in video game programing.  Learning code is a nice addition for anyone’s resume, especially if they want a computer programing job or be a video game programmer.  They could create their own video game that other gamers would try out for themselves.  I hope many PC gamers will enjoy this software program as much as I have.  It’s cool to constantly program many different items into the game’s code.

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