Friday Night Magic

Dakota Bebo picked up his cards and placed them on the table before rolling the dice that weren’t being too kind. Despite his best efforts, things didn’t go well for Bebo in the first of what he hopes will be many  Friday Night Magic games hosted on campus.
For fans of Magic and other imagination twisting games, Friday nights just got a lot more fun.
If you’re looking to play some Magic with other Magic lovers and don’t want to travel miles just to play, look no further than Castleton State College. The Castleton Planeswalkers club has started hosting Friday Night Magic games on campus in the North House classroom.
Bebo, the clubs president, shed some light on how this all came to happen.
“We are avid players of the game “Magic: The Gathering” and one night me and our event coordinator were playing around on a Friday night, wishing that there was Friday Night Magic. Finally after playing a few rounds, we decided we wanted to host Friday Night Magic on campus,” Bebo said. “This week we’re trying to do a round robin Commander game, which Steve and I thought would be fun.”
Fellow club member Stevie Bartenstien tried to explain the story behind the game.
“Commander is where you choose a legendary creature and build a deck around it. The deck is 100 cards including the commander themselves. A commander game is different in that you can only have one of each card and those cards need to match your commander,” he said.
Bartenstein has been sending out emails detailing when the club is holding these events.
The club’s former president, Daniel Omand, also partook in the Friday night game and said he hopes to attend more.
“It think it’s a great idea holding Magic tournaments here. It will help the club expand and hopefully gain more members than it has ever had,” Omand said.
In the future, the club as a whole hopes to gain more members and have more people to show up to these events.
Contact Bebo for more information.

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