Closed stairs mystery solved

Although it might not have been the biggest concern on the Castleton State College campus, the Calvin Coolidge Library recently created a lot of questions with its signs, caution tape and cones blocking off the stairs to the front entrance.
Although some students were ready to bash the school’s maintenance crew for being too lazy to clean off the stairs after a major snowfall last month, the actual reason for the crime scene replica was two of the stairs broke.
Zack Wiessner, who works at the library, was the one to notice the broken stairs and reported it after he and his friend danced on top of the wobbly stones that shifted out of place.    

Wiessner, who laughed at students thinking the stairs weren’t cleaned off was because of the maintenance crew, said workers were happy to notice the stairs before anyone got hurt on them.
Although cold temperatures and lots of snow didn’t allow it to happen for a while, workers were working on the stairs first day warm enough to lay down new cement. Sandy Duling, the library’s director, said watching them fix the stairs was actually rather entertaining.
She said it was neat to see them using giant heat guns to warm up the stones and concrete underneath what appeared to be a giant trash bag.
Although the closed stairs mystery might not have been the most talked about topic on campus, it’s still important that people know the true story of why it was closed and that the maintenance crew was not responsible for students having to walk another 20 feet up a ramp to get around the stairs.
Although the hard-working, shorthanded maintenance crew gets blamed for plenty on campus – like the walkways – the closing of those three little steps wasn’t their fault.

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