Throwback Thursday at Fishtail funds nurses

Fishtail Tavern hosted a Throwback Thursday night Feb. 6 to help fund the Castleton Student Nurses Association’s medical brigade to Honduras. The $2 cover was donated to the fund and also came with a chance to win a day pass to Killington.

Dave Rogers, owner of Fishtail, has had the business open for about two years now. The property itself has been in his family for the past 56 years.

Fishtail opened with an idea of live music and cold beer for people of all ages to enjoy.

“We love this college crowd we get on Thursday nights, it’s a positive energy,” said Rogers as he helped bartender Mike Mamunes pour a PBR.

“I like when we have fund-raisers. It goes to a good cause and always brings in people,” said Mamunes, who has tended bar there since it opened.

Fishtail has hosted events for Castleton football, men’s and women’s hockey, Habitat for Humanity and now the Nurses Association.

“About one-third of our business comes from college students. We have to take care of the people who take care of us,” Rogers said

Thursday nights offer $2 shots, dollar drafts and a DJ, but you have to be 21.

Many students attended Thursday to help support the nurse’s trip, but more supplies and funds are still needed. Katie Derrig, a senior nursing major, is very excited for the trip to Honduras.

“The groups we will be helping don’t know much about simple things like dental health. We will be teaching them,” Derrig said.

Kylah Livingston is also a senior who will travel with the group on the goodwill mission.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the happy faces of all those we are going to help in Honduras. It will make all of this hard work very worth it,” she said.

Chris Kiernan, a bouncer at Fishtail, said he also enjoys the college atmosphere on Thursday nights. Kiernan graduated from Castleton a few years ago and said “I like bouncing because I stay connected with the College.”

“The staff at the Tail is like family. We have all been together since the beginning,” he said.

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