The best show no one saw

Total Backstage Access took over the Fine Arts Center Saturday with bands playing from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. The night culminated in a show-stopping performance from “Zack Hampton’s Moose Crossing,” filled with Castleton alumni playing a mix of funkified jazz and blues.

Not to be outdone, the Plotts Project, a last-minute band of current Castleton students, closed out the night around 10 p.m. with some jam heavy renditions of rock classics.

But this year, unfortunately, nobody was there to hear the classic jams.

“TBA doesn’t normally have a large audience and this year we didn’t advertise as well as past years,” said senior technical assistant TJ Van Liew.

The technical department of the FAC is responsible for putting together TBA each year. The all-day concer tis the brainchild of former technical director Chad Voghell.

“His vision was to bring together people who love music, lighting and staging to come together to celebrate and enjoy what makes them happy,” said Jane Foley, creative director at Castleton.

Many of the artists were perplexed by the turnout.

“I think it’s a shame,” said Mike Ray, a 2013 Castleton graduate and lead guitarist for the Moose Crossing Quartet.” “It shows that there is a severe abundance of disinterest on the campus … It shows that the events that students are made to go to are heavily attended because they have to be there.

Ray wasn’t the only one to notice the lack of an audience.

“I couldn’t say there was ever more then 10 or so people there at one time,” says Plotts Project” keyboardist Tim Duch. “It was their loss because there was nothing cooler going on in Castleton at the time.

Musicians said it is unfortunate because the event that previously hosted quality acts such as Robert Wuagnuex and Twiddle was certainly not lacking in a talented lineup this year, just the crowd to appreciate it.

“I thought it was fun,” said senior Adam Boshart, one of a handful of members of the audience. “It was just us two hippies in the front (referring to a friend of his) and the tech kids in the back running the show. There were more people on stage then in the audience, but it was fun!”

TBA is an annual event put on free of charge in the back of the FAC stage and adjoining shop warehouse. With full professional production lights and sound, courtesy of Atomic Audio, the stage is set for bands around the region to put on the best performances they can muster for happy crowds.

“The set-up, lighting and sound were awesome as well as all of the performances,” said senior Erika Tyler. “I can’t wait to see what TBA brings next year.

This year however the crowds never came. With a marketing campaign that began just two days before the event, it was hard for students to know about one of Castleton’s “best kept secrets.”

“It was a group thing really,” admitted Van Liew. “Time just got away from us.

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